I love bright colors, and it's hard for me to explain how much I love them. I started studying drawing when I was 5 years old. (My first teacher was a college professor and her name was Wang Yao. She was an outstanding painter in my hometown, the city of Wuhan. Therefore, from her, I began my professional and serious training since I was very young. ) The first object I drew was an apple, and then different kinds of fruits, such as strawberries, bananas and pineapples. When you look at different fresh fruits, you cannot refuse to feel exciting and energetic I believe that a lot of my inspiration of art comes from those colors of fruits. Until now, I still have a very special emotion towards those bright and energetic colors. Imagine standing in front of a fruit salad: lemon yellow, strawberry red, cabbage green, watermelon pink and grape purple, you will be able to feel how wonderful this world is and you will love your life more. Warm colors inspires positive attitude to people. I intend to bring sunshine to warm my audience through my paintings. I believe that one day my pieces can appease the pain of people and I think an artist should bring happiness, energy and encouragement to the society. Therefore, I drew this gouache, and I enlarge the characteristic of the orange and chose the pink and white fabric as the background to highlight the still life. Meanwhile, I pay attention to harmony of mixture colors, make them looks bright, colorful but very harmonious. ­­­­­­­­

What is the most beautiful thing in the world? In fact, nobody knows the correct answer because there is not one.  Art is very subjective and there are ten thousand Hamlets in ten thousand people’s eyes. Ever since I started drawing, creating beautiful things became the goal of my life. 

           In my point of view, human- body is the most beautiful structure in nature and the universe. Shiny skins, flexible muscles and the fluent lines of the body can promote the most primitive desires. In a few seconds, the image of bodies can give people a strong sensory stimulation. Those stimulations could ignite all the sexual desires. I believe that humans’ desire of sex is a special form of pursuing the beauty of arts. Therefore, I drew this picture to express the beauty of a human body. Please watch those lines on this woman; you will understand why I think human bodies are the best creatures of the Mother Nature.


                 I was born and grew up in a metropolitan city in central China, which is very crowed and polluted. Economic development was more important goal of the city, while the others such as environment were less important. There were few trees in the city, and a couple of sculptures in the downtown. I didn’t quite understand the beauty of nature until I came to Stony Brook. I love Stony Brook’s spring and summer because I can feel the great aliveness of nature. This has been a very amazing experience. There are flowers blossoming throughout the spring, and bright colors everywhere. For someone who likes bright colors so much, the picture of spring was like a romantic movie. I never really knew the names of those flowers, but do not need them to love their colors, energy and beauties.

Flowers always remind people of beauty, purity and innocent. I decide to combine flowers and female to express beauty of nature. Therefore, I created this photo collage. I always appreciate the beauty of human beings as I appreciate beauty of Mother Nature. A young girl is like a flower: the colors, the beauty and the energy. A combination of a girl and flowers was my way to create something more beautiful than just flowers or girls. It is a perfect match.